Sunday, May 17, 2009


So I purchased my ticket to vegas for film festival today. This year since Nicole is getting ready for the bar exam I am taking my dear friend Amber. I am excited to see everyone and play!!!! In remembrance of last year here are some pics.  Nicole dancing with Todd. By far the best night was when we danced till 4am at a non-sponsored festival venue. All of Nicole's sisters came out from LA. Renee, Tan, Tin, Michelle. Again this is the night of karaoke and rad interpretive dancing. 

This was the last night or I guess morning. There is a pic out there also of me, todd, nicole and christopher sleeping all heads on table. We were soon kicked out of the place. 
Morgan Spurlock before I punched him in the stomach at 4 am in a bowling alley.
Here is Nicole sober and not tired. I hope she takes a look at these and realizes the error in her ways. The law is truly being broken by letting me go alone. I don't know if Amber is ready. We will see!

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