Saturday, May 2, 2009

The 1st Cat post

So on the quest to find the perfect new name for my new buddy I texted a few friends to get their ideas. I got back around 45 responses so I decided to categorize.

Lets start with honorable mention. These are names that were good but not good enough.
1. biggie smalls by Nicole Warren
2. Lulu by Felipe Nunez
3. Brutus by Laura Millard
4. Pitcher by Zoey Luquette
5. Butch by Shirley Daniel

Echo Echo obvious people think alike(Alex you need to think big)
1. Tom by Phoebe Ebright and Tom Tom by Jennifer Szfranski
2. Boots by Ernesto Aguilar and Bootsie by Alex Kidd
3. Carl by Jesse Daniel and Carl by Alex Kidd
4. Charlie by Eric Tsou and Charlie Bronson by Amy Gallow
5. Lucifer by Joey Abalufe and Matt Kerley

The names I came up with
1. Beth Von
2. Harvey 
3. Britney Spears
4. Jamal Crawford
5. Chuck Morris
6. El Capitan or just Captain

Joeys own list as put in the text message: 
Besides Joey?
1. Bruce Wayne
3. Zelda
4. 007
5. Regina
6. Chico
7. Lucifer
8. Truck
9. Tanesha
10. GOD

Not unless I secretly hated the cat and always wanted to be pissed when I said his name. This category could also be called "why are we friends?"
1. Stinky by Elise Luquette
2. Jasper by Amber Wiltermood
3. Kerovac by Brett a guy who is friends with Adan Torres and I have never met.
4. Oscar by Chris Joseph (this doesn't really fit but it mildly annoys me.)
5.  Mickey Dora by Queztal Aguilar (i love when i type this name it's comes up as misspelled)

With explanations - Names with explanations 
1. Denny Crane by Mom- Some character from Boston Legal
2. Desiderious "Desi" by Sam Crawford- 16th century scholar and father of christian humanism
3. Charlie Can by Eric Tsou - Can cats respond to something with more than 2 syllables?
4. Salo by Carson Mell - It's a robot from a good book.
5. Jacques by Richard Morgan - "So does this mean your not moving to Portland?"
6. Messy Bruce by Rocky - Only if he has long fluffy hair
7. Kollin Letson by Kollin Letson - "I thought we discussed you and pets. BAD IDEA"
8. Tranny by Pablo Arando - If he is neutered

Funny but not gonna name my cat that.
1. Senator Johnson by Sean McCoy
2. Mister Steve by Erikson De Jesus
3. Day man by Destinee Scott
4. Night man by Destinee Scott
5. Lester by Destinee Scott
6. Stitches by Felipe Nunez
7. Lamar by Joe VonAppen
8. Chris by Mike Levitt
9. Rodney James Dio by Eric Lavine
10. Kleetus by Keith Feigin
11. Sietee Cat by Mom

Actual Possibilities 
1. Lebron James by Todd Luoto
2. Lunchbox by Jennifer Crawford
3. Wallace by Joe VonAppen
4. Frankenstein by Traci Flitcraft
5. Little Hitler by Nicole Warren

I would like to thank all of you for not just the names but the constant entertainment at work. I will update when I have met and named my new love.


  1. my friend has a cat named mein kampf.

    i think he looks like a paul. maybe asterix. blondie? aleister? minos? wendy?

    maybe tanuki, after those japanese raccoon shapeshifter guys.