Monday, March 2, 2009

Sample Sale Shazaam!

Built By Wendy is having a sample sale over the next couple days. I urge you all to go buy some CRAZY cheap clothes that are cute, sophisticated and stylish. I really like this label because they make flannel look hip and stylish without bringing to mind my 13 year-old grungy self. And there's something really light and airy about their designs. And the models are all normal looking (except for this blonde above). And you can buy patterns from them to make clothes yourself! How's that for being a label for the people?! As an aside, I refer to sparkling water as "bougie water" and I have a friend who drinks Trader Joes sparkling water...which one drunk night prompted be to call it, "The Peoples Water," due to it's still bougie nature despite being affordable. He now calls all sparkling water the peoples water, which totally defeated my bougie title. I digress...

Shit ranges from $10 to $70+ which is an amazing deal. You can see what I got (no biting). All for $50! Even in these dire times one can afford this stuff. Kind of. Okay, not really, but that's why God invented credit cards, right?

Check it here:

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