Friday, March 6, 2009

Poem of the Day

I am in a particularly bad mood today. As such, I decided to turn to some poetry to see if it would lift my spirits. It only did a so-so job, but I still want to share with all 5 of you blog readers one of my new favorite poems that Tinsel sent to me awhile back. Tinsel is great a little pick me ups. One time, after a boy hurt my feelings, she sent me a marc jacobs goodie bag. It was ten times better than that stupid boy ever was. That's what friends are for, you know?

Anyway, here is a poem by the Russian poetess, Anna Akhmatova. She's one of my faves. This poem was written in 1913 but yet feels very modern and fresh. And depressing. I love it.

We are all heavy-drinkers and whores,
What a joyless, miserable crowd!
There are flowers and birds on the walls,
And the birds all grieve for a cloud.

You are smoking your old black pipe,
And the smoke looks strange over it.
The skirt that I’m wearing feels tight,
But I hope that it makes me look fit.

What’s the weather – thunder or ice?
Here, the windows are all boarded shut.
I examine your face and your eyes
Have the look of a sly cautious cat.

Oh, what sadness I’m feeling inside!
Am I waiting for death’s solemn bell?
And that girl, who’s been dancing all night, -
She will surely end up in hell.

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